Warriors Code

Warrior’s Code.

What is the unwritten, unspoken pact? Why do the soldiers of the war believe in it? Why do I believe in it? It’s what separates the soldier’s job from the thugs. We fight for a cause and for a purpose. We have a mutual respect for the enemy. This is all because friend or foe we are all fighting for someone else’s cause. It’s something that the civilian population will never understand until placed in the mentality of war, or a war like situation. The warriors code is the embodiment of a mindset held for thousands of years passed. It’s behaviour in its own and has never been questioned until the 21st century.
The watchful eye of the civilian population has risen as a new element of war. Chastised and shown disgust when an innocent is killed in an uncontrollable circumstance; the military labels it collateral damage while the civilians call it murder. But when a Canadian soldier dies along with three or four injured it’s just a part of war even though that same bomb from the enemy could have just as easily injured a child.
The soldiers know have one more stress added to an already overwhelmingly stressful job. They know have to worry if they will be chastised for showing mercy to an enemy combatant. To place that poor soul out of his misery instead of slowly bleeding out with the knowledge of he has no chance of survival.   The soldier know has to live with either the knowledge he has done the right thing in the eyes of the public, or the knowledge that he has given the soldier a death he wanted, short, quick and painless. Both leave issues that cannot be conceived, one leaves you with a conscious unable to come to term with, another leaves you with a jail sentence long and unearned.
Captain Robert Semrau of the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment based in Petawawa chose the one that I suspect every soldier would pick if placed in a position such as the one he was placed in. He was placed in a position where it was his conscious...