Warner Bros

Chris Darnell     Week 4 checkpoint
Picture the Supply Chain

Complete the chart below by outlining the digital content supply chain at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

|Upstream Component                         |Internal Component                         |Downstream Component                       |
|(sourcing/procurement)                     |(packing/assembly                           |(distribution)                             |
|                                           |manufacturing)                             |                                           |
|Warner’s is teaming up with                 |Warner’s project, consider that in 2006 the|Warner is implementing digital distribution|
|Hewlett-Packard, which will help Warner     |company produced more than 2,500 different |through broadband communications links,     |
|utilize their technology resources and     |DVDs, delivered more than 180 hours of     |DVD, and high-definition television (HDTV).|
|advance their own computer technology by   |video programming weekly over its global   |Warner’s digital transformation enables the|
|using what Hewlett has to offer them. in   |digital media exchange, produced and/or     |studio to deliver product                   |
|the process of digitizing more than 6,000   |distributed more than 50 television series,|electronically worldwide over existing and |
|feature films in its storage vaults for DVD|is in the process of digitizing             |new digital platforms. The film industry   |
|release, and released numerous films three |more than 6,000 feature films in its       |revolves around very short-term production |
|of which earned more than $200 million—a   |storage vaults for DVD release, and         |and is very expensive. Warner Bros         |
|studio and industry record for a single     |released numerous films three of which     |currently is partnering with               |
|year. Warner now has a film version plus a |earned more than $200...