Walmart's History and Strategy

Veronica Manigo
Business 692
Selection of a Firm
Professor James Ziegler
July 9, 2012

Several factors contribute to the success of a firm or organization. In hopes of continued survival and success, you must take into consideration effective leadership, effective and satisfied workers, and doing what is necessary to support the needs and desires of consumers. You must maintain management personnel who possess the knowledge and skill necessary to perform required duties, and develop a business strategy that will be highly beneficial to the company. In constant creation and modification of personnel and strategies that will recognize the importance of employees and consumers, organizations can ensure that their company will thrive and see financial growth and development.

Selection of a Firm
Walmart, founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, is a highly competitive and equally successful organization within and beyond national borders. Five years after its founding, Walmart expanded to 24 stores in Arkansas. Within six years, Walmart opened its first stores outside of Arkansas, in Sikeston, Missouri and Claremore, Oklahoma. Since then, Walmart has continued to grow and implement new ideas that have helped to garner its success. Walmart, which is a retail corporation, offers a wide segment of products and services, including the following: clothes and jewelry; electronics; toys; groceries; health/beauty products; pharmaceuticals; books/cards; school/office supplies; home/cleaning goods and supplies; gardening equipment; and car repair services. Walmart’s unique and innovative practices have resulted in the corporation being listed as the 18th largest public corporation and the largest public corporation when ranked by revenue (Walmart Stores, Inc., 2011). After a brief account of significant management personnel and their responsibilities, the corporation’s unique and clever business strategy, with specific focus in the area of human resource management,...