Walmart vs Target

Communication and management 3-13-13
Ingrid A. Gomez
Blue eyed/green eyed

Besieging from the TV station
Rye knowing from the beginning she was not satisfied with the job, should not have accepted it in the first place. However, I am sure many of us have been put in a position where we find it hard to say no, which can lead to possibly uncomfortable predicaments.  
I believe Rye needed to be honest from the beginning. Once the job was offered, was an opening door to pursue the discussion of other possible opportunities that she was interested in. she needed to emphasis she was grateful for the opportunity but she was not ready to take on that responsibility at the moment.
Rye’s approach on quitting was very unprofessional. Waiting for the last tell your boss you are quitting is inconsiderate, especially is she has been a good leader. The appropriate way was to type up a resignation letter and gives a 2 week notice. Therefore you are resigning professionally and not on bad terms. This could have also helped to use her company as well as Trent as a future reference.
I believe Trent would have understand he had the most faith in Rye and her work ability. For her to quit the way she did was disappointing and discouraging of the belief in her ability to be great st what she did.
With this situation the repercussions can be damaging to Rye’s future career. She will not able to use them as a reference for the future employment. This kind of behavior is hopefully not s habit she will carry on into her future endeavors