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Attain organizational goals through POLC/Planning, organizing, leading, controlling (Four management functions) – needs conceptual, human and technical skills to perform job.
  * Ethics also influence POLC

External environment. To be effective, managers must monitor and respond to env. The events that have the greatest impact on an organization typically originate in the external env.   In addition, globalization affects companies in new ways, making the international environment of growing concern to managers everywhere.
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Major part of the organization’s internal environment—corporate culture.
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Corp. culture is the internal env. shaped by ext. env.
The concept of culture helps managers understand the hidden, complex aspects of organizational life.
Corp. culture = how well organization will adapt to ext. env.
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It’s also analyzed on 3 levels. 1. Visible (Culture that can be seen at surface level) - Artifacts such as dress, office layout, symbols, slogans, ceremonies. Invisible (Deeper values and shared understandings held by organization members 2 & 3. 2. – Expressed values such as “The Penney Idea,”, “The HP Way” 3. – Underlying assumptions and deep beliefs such as “people here care about one another like a family”.
Fundamental values are understood through symbols, stories, heroes, slogans
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Adaptive cultures. Research at Harvard on 207 U.S. firms illustrated the critical relationship between corporate culture and the ext. env. The study found that a strong corporate culture alone did not ensure business success unless the culture encouraged healthy adaptation to the ext. env. (Look up LINK between Australian businesses)
In the unadaptive corporate cultures, managers are concerned about themselves, and their values tend to discourage risk taking and change.
Four types of corporate culture – Adaptability, achievement, involvement, consistency. Adaptability – requires fast response, and high-risk...