Walmart Essay

Wal-Mart’s Organizational Ethics
Paul Neira
November 2, 2015
                                                            Professor Shuwn Hayes

Wal-Mart’s Organizational Ethics
Everyone in business is worried about doing what is right and not be seen as being in the wrong. There has been a lot of attention focused on ethics and reliability in business these days. Each and every   organizations is driving and pushing for changes in these areas. Any thoughts of quick-fixes for ethical behavior in businesses can be scary, but good ethical behavior for any business is fundamental for its success. For entrepreneurs, ethical conduct is usually missed or ignored. Many business experts regard ethics as something to be preached, but not acted on and therefore makes it even more unethical.   According to Suttle and Demand Media, Organizational ethics is the principals and standards by which businesses operate (n.d.). They are best demonstrated through acts of fairness, compassion, integrity, honor and responsibility. The key for business owners and executives is ensuring that all employees understand these ethics. One of the best ways to communicate organizational ethics is by training employees on company standards.   With these thoughts in mind, we need to address organizational ethics with awareness and support for all involved within the organization.
External social pressures influencing organizational ethics
External social pressures have driven most companies in business to be aware of the expectations on them to act in a manner that is ethically correct. They have to show awareness in areas of being involved in the community and areas of being responsible to the environment that we all live in. Walmart's social pressures involve the loyalties of consumers, the top business performance, prospects of key investors and their community, Chief Security Officers, and a growth of government pressure and controlling inaccuracy (Prakash Sethi, 2013). With the...