Wal Mart and the Community


Wal-Mart’s strategy is to take on the world one city at a time.   At Wal-mart, they believe in a philosophy of operating globally and giving back locally. They understand the impact on communities by supporting causes that are important to the customer’s right in their own neighborhoods. Wal-Mart states that they are proud to be a "store of the community" for all of the communities we serve (Wal-Mart 2010).   It all began when the first store opened in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas.   The goal of the company was to provide the consumer with a quality product at a fair price.   The goal is still in effect today.   The company employs in excess of 700,000 employees in more than 3,000 stores worldwide. Wal-Mart is a huge asset to any community.

What marketing research strategies do they employ?
The four strategies Wal-Mart uses are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.   The impacts the control mechanisms have on these functions of management are impressive.   The company knows what its consumer wants, which is to save especially in these tough times.   The planning of items to be sold is clear.   Sell what the competitor has at a lower price.   The organizing of the products is concise, as the organizational team knows what is and what is not on the shelves and what and when the product needs to be replenished.   The leading function is admirable.   The employees seem happy when a consumer enters the store and I have never heard an employee complain about management as I do at other retailers.   Lastly is controlling. The controls that are in place through Wal-Mart’s mission and business practices are impressive as I, as the consumer, know that I am receiving the highest quality product and the lowest possible price, guaranteed.
In what way does Wal-Mart strengthen their relationship with consumers?
The positive impact of having a Wal-Mart located nearby are that the Wal-Mart store brings in customer traffic and those businesses that are located nearby...