Wake Up, Little Girl!

Watesca Sprott
Professor Simmons
ENC 1101
18 November 2009
Wake Up, Little Girl!
The reason why I am writing about “Cinderella” is to make my thirteen year old sister realize that the Disney version is all a lie. My sister’s name is Alex, and she is an eighth grader with the imagination of a third grader. She always asks the silliest questions. Once she asked me if my MySpace page was mine. She is also hooked on Disney and loves the entire princess stories collection. She especially adores Cinderella. And although the Cinderella she thinks she knows is romantic yet tragic, I would like to tell her how the real Cinderella story goes. I would like her to know that the real “Cinderella” is completely different from the fairytale we have all come to know and love.
First, let’s talk about the characters in the Disney version. Cinderella had much help from many animals. Birds, mice, dogs, and even a horse were her little helpers. Cinderella’s father was dead, thus leaving her in the hands of her evil step-mother. Also as seen in the movie, her step-sisters are hideous. Next, the glass slipper was a very important item at in the movie because the owner of that slipper would marry the prince. The king made the news public and decided that every maiden in the kingdom must try on the slipper. The duke is sent off with the slipper to find the future wife of the beloved prince. When he gets to Cinderella’s house and it was her turn to try it on, the evil step-mother makes the carrier trip, thus breaking the glass slipper. At the ending the sisters’ feet are obviously huge, and could not fit into the tiny glass slipper. They try to squeeze in with no luck. Cinderella was locked in the attic by her evil step-mother, but luckily the animals help her out and she was able to try on the slipper. Then of course Cinderella’s foot fit perfectly in the slipper, and she is taken away to marry her prince. They supposedly lived happily ever after. No knowledge about what happens...