W100 Tma01

Block 1, Rules and Rule making.
The owner of the sunbed establishment must follow the Sunbed (Regulation) Act 2010 section 1 by ensuring that all customers are 18 or over to use the sunbeds, they should also make sure that all employees follow these rules and are aware of the consequences if these rules are not followed.
The owner must make sure any persons or staff under the age of 18 is never in the restricted zones which should be clearly marked as such, unless they are undertaking business purposes on their bosses behalf.
The owner must clearly mark restricted zones in line with the Sunbeds (Regulation) Act, Section (1) Subsection (4) and (5) 2010, which includes any part of the business that includes a sunbed in a whole or partially enclosed space or relevant premises reserved for users of the sunbed is classed as a restricted zone.
The Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 Section 1 Subsection (6) states, if the owner of the sunbed business fails to comply with Section 1 of the Act they are committing a criminal offence, and is liable to be fined no more than £20,000.
Under the Sunbeds (regulation)Act 2010 Section 3(1-5) the use of a sunbed for those undergoing medical treatment is exempt from the requirements of the Sunbeds (Regulation)Act 2010 Section 3, however certain conditions must be met i.e., the medical treatment via use of a sunbed must be supervised by a registered medical practioner and the treatment must be carried out on a dedicated sunbed in or that has been provided by a health care establishment which means a sunbed that’s sole purpose is for medical treatment that is in England a hospital that is defined by section 275 of the National Health Service Act 2006. If in Wales, a hospital as defined by section 206 of the National Health Service (Wales) Act 2006; or another independent hospital, clinic or medical agency within the meaning of the Care Standards Act 2000.
Nikki is 18 so is of age to use the sunbeds in the...