Vulgarity in Art

Final Project Proposal
Jimmy Le

Through the three years that I have been at COFA, I have been subjected to a wide gamut of art. Through the viewing of such wide variety of work, I have come to the conclusion that there is no real boundary for art. Pretty much anything printed on fine art paper and put up in a gallery space can be considered art without even the slightest thought of critical analysis. As of such with my theory of the undefined nature of art in tow, my final project will focus on the vulgar.

The one of the purposes of art is to depict true reality, however before we invoke our involuntary memory as our chief means of getting into contact with true reality we there is a whole ocean of material that goes unnoticed by our will-controlled minds, mainly things we considered opposite to the general acceptance of our society, namely vulgarity.

Art trying to depict the real only really covers the surface of what is. Our perceptions and instilled memory are factors that influence how we see and judge the world. As such I will depict the vulgarity I perceive that people don’t see in everyday life as what is true to word, to show to the masses that anything can really be considered art if they just embraced their other thoughts, their base selves.

This work will be a social commentary on the youth of Sydney. I see these people to exhibit the courage to really imbue themselves with their primal desires whether it is out of the universal need to be accepted in a community or whether their senses have been marred some what with the abuse of illicit substances or fools pride. They seem to have no qualms with cutting loose and tending to their ‘wild side’

My inspirations include Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley and David La Chappelle.   All of these photographers have an element of rawness and spontaneity within their works and vivid intensity, something I too desire in my own work.   As seen with my previous work there is an element of...