Vq Level 3

Carers attending one of our clients called me and highlighted the problems they were having at the moment with Mr K and his transfers due to his potential deteriorating health.
I went out to do the morning visit myself so as I could observe at first hand how the situation was, I ensured I had all the appropriate PPE on in line with company policy on infection control, I observed Mr K was having several “vacant spells” or small seizure type episodes and these were happening mainly whilst Mr K was actually transferring and as such one carer was having to actually physically hold Mr K up during these spells and as this has become a dangerous for Mr K and also a health and safety hazard for the carers covering the call, working within the law set out under the health and safety at work act 1974.
The first thing that I advised Mr K’s wife to do was to seek medical advice to deal with why Mr K was having the seizures in the first instance, bearing in mind the human rights act 1998 to be given the correct medical treatment.
Mrs K is reluctant to have lots of big equipment in the new flat as she has just had new carpets fitted and feels there isn’t much room in the flat for keeping big hoists ect ect.
With Mr and Mrs K permission I contacted an OT to arrange for the situation to be reviewed   as to the equipment that was currently being used and to see if we could get other equipment to help Mr K and also assist the carers to do his transfers more safely.
Appointment was made that suited all involved parties at the house at a time that coincided   with the carers attending the call so as the OT could also observe the difficulties the carers are now having, after observing the situation the OT agreed a sam hall turner and a shower chair that can also be used to back over the top of the toilet would be of benefit to mr K. Mrs K was very reluctant and was becoming distressed about the changes and about a hoist type thing going to be used, I showed her a picture of a sam...