Voting Usa

A) Explain the term split-ticket voting in the US politics.
The term split-ticket voting is the practice of castings votes for the candidates of at least two different political parties at the same election, for example, voting for the Democratic candidate for the White House and for a Republican as Senator or Representative. The trend has intensified in recent years, in part a reflection of the decline in traditional voter attachments, but also an indication that many Americans prefer to divide power to prevent an undue concentration in the hands of one party. There was about 19% of Americans that were split-ticket voters towards the 2008 election, 9% voted a Democratic president/Republican congressman and 10% voted a Republican president/Democratic congressman this shows that some of the electorate were split-ticket voting.
B) The USA has one of the lowest levels of electoral participation in any democracy. Why do so few participate in the electoral process?
The USA has had the lowest levels of electoral participation ever since the 1960’s; the reason for this could be by the increase of independent voters that respond differently towards issues and the candidates up for nomination. Reasons why the electoral may not participate might be because they may have been alienated toward the elections, the difficulties of registration; some people believe that voting won’t make a change toward the US so there is no point voting these people become apathy. Also, there are issues like the parties and their policies. However, the recent 2008 election it has been said that it has had the highest level of turnout ever since 1968.
Participation is a key event to happen during an election, the reason why is because, it allows any person above 18 years old to have a say towards the election, and who they want to be govern by. Isn’t that what democracy is all about, everyone having a fair say on things? Firstly, it could be argued that there is low turnout in the US because...