Visual Aids for Research Writing

I think that one visual that would incorporate my writing is using a table. I plan on putting the different ways of using meth and putting information below each topic. The other visual aid that I chose is a another table that shows that teenage drug use is down. I think the first visual aid I will put that with the topic about the different ways of using meth and the last visual aid I plan on putting it at the end of the essay and the reason for that is to show to the readers that drug use among teenagers are down.

Smoking meth Snorting meth Shooting up oral
The impure form of taking in meth. It effects the teeth and very dangerous to the lungs. It is a powerful nasal decongestant and users that usually snort it have clear nasal passages.   It also makes the teeth rotten since the nasal passage is connected to the mouth. The popular way to use meth among users. Have serious side effects. Risks of losing teeth, rashes called speed bumps and also a high risk of transporting blood born diseases. The least way of taking meth. It can’t harm the teeth or the skin cells. The high from the drug is not the same as from taking it the other ways.

The different ways of taking meth and the risks that each way has on the body.

Teen use of meth in 2008 Teens attitude about meth in 2008
Teen’s meth use in 2008 has dropped down to three percent. That is a significant 25 percent decline versus 2005. 83 percent of teens see a great risk in using meth regularly. About 85 percent see a huge risk of getting hooked on meth. More than half of teens (54 percent) see just using meth once or twice is very risky.
I think that there is a major decrease of teens using meth. I think with drug awareness programs and parents talking to their kids about using drugs are paying off.