Achieve 5% LFL growth through leading a high performing, fully trained and
motivated team to deliver sales, operational and service excellence.




Create and manage a store business
plan to deliver on sales and
underperforming departments. Deliver
to colleagues.

Identify talent and create store
succession plan.

Gap zap to be managed daily and
checked to ensure accuracy.

Ensure management team is
financially aware of store figures and
how to use in driving sales.

Management teams to spend 80% of
their time on the shop floor.

Stock file integrity to be managed
through processes to ensure

Trade seasons and deliver first time
and on time to maximise sales.

Create a learning culture in store to
enable all colleagues to be fully
trained in their job roles to increase
job satisfaction.

DC delivery to be cleared within 24

Manage store cost to maximise profit

Create clear lines of communication
to enable all voices to be heard.

Warehouses and offices to be sterile.
Warehouse plan signed off daily.

Deliver on payroll targets, both
sterling and cost to sell.

Create dedicated training time for all
colleagues to increase product

Daily management floor walks to be
completed and signed off.

Re visit floor plan to create extra flex
bays at the front of the store and lose
stretch bays.

Manage performance through reviews
and discussions to bring all
colleagues to the required standard.

Store rota’s to be utilised effectively to
ensure right people at the right times.

Share winners with area to increase

Incorporate the “ 5 Golden Rules”
within team ethos.

Reduce warehouse stock to a
minimum and reduce the shelving.

The 5 Golden Rules
• 1. Recruit quality.
• 2. Train effectively.
• 3. Set the standards.
• 4. Police the standards.

• 5. Reward and recognise.

Achieve 5% LFL growth through...