Analyzing the story Visiting

Bunker Hill Community College
December 6, 2013

Visiting is a fictional story, however, it shows the real life struggles of a father       and son relationship. In the story although Jonathan loved his son there was a disconnection between them, all this changes after Jonathan takes his son on a trip to Warwick Rhode Island, which helped change the similarly strained relationship between Jonathan and his father that had shaped his relationship with Marc.
Jonathan really loves his son. In the opening paragraph, he describes the last photograph he’d taken of Marc on the carousel in the Park, with “chocolate ice cream staining his smile, a pair of impossibly tiny blue jeans, striped socks, and a Yale sweatshirt snug across his chest.”   Jonathan remembered that last day he saw his son with much detail and love. However there is a disconnection between then and he struggles to tell his son that he loved him. During the trip, Jonathan tried to make conversation with his son but did not really know how, which he blamed on Marc, “who had always been quiet and distant, and on Julia, who did her best to inject their son with hatred for him.”
The trip was more than just a way of Marc meeting his grandfather. This trip made Jonathan and Marc closer. Jonathan didn’t realize but in fact he was creating a much-needed bond between father and son. There is a moment in the trip were Jonathan tells his son “I think this is the longest conversation we had ever had.” You can tell that Marc and Jonathan were starting to talk again. The father was opening up his feelings to Marc by letting him know that his grandfather was alive. They also talked about the visual scar on Jonathan’s arm. These were all signs of how important the trip was, not only did Marc see his grandfather, but also he created a bond with his father.
Finally the story is cut with no ending which was kind of a disappointment but at the same time it makes the reader create...