Visison Statement

Vision of the Future
Krishna Singh
BUS 600
Professor: Thomas Steinhagen
July 1, 2011

Vision of the Future
About ten years ago, vision of the future was an open ended question for me. In my personal experience my future vision had been very clear and precise. As I keep moving forward, I had always used step by step to achieve my goals and objectives. I came to the United States in 2011 to pursue my undergraduate study in biological sciences and health administration. It has always been my passion and interest to work in the health care industry, which provides service to the needy and sick people. Currently, I am working as a Clinical Regulatory Affairs Specialist in one of the health care sector and I would like to see myself in the management position five years down the road.
In a managerial position, my approach towards the decision making and risk calculation will benefit the needy people and health care company. I have been working in the health care industry from past five-six years. I know reaching to the goal I have set is hard but, it is possible and achievable. I recall from my several job interview experience in the past about the different kind of questions that was asked. My strength and weakness was one of the common questions almost every interviewer asked me. In the beginning, I used to stumble on this question, but at the same time I also decided to do a self evaluation and self assessment. After completing my self assessment I was surprised to find different kinds of strength and weaknesses I posses. Few examples of my strength such as being a quick learner, flexibility to handle change, able to prioritize, planning and analyzing skills and of course good interpersonal communications had helped me to develop myself professionally. On the contrary, I do have some of my weaknesses such as being impatient, writing skills, intolerant and fearful. Now, in my long vision of the future I have to develop more strength and use my...