Vision Statement

Vision Statement
Week One Assignment
Amy Hernandez
September 23, 2010

By the end of this first class I want to have achieved a grade average of a 3.0 or above.   Then one class at a time I will continue to work very hard to ensure that my grade average continues to increase. I will work on it one day at a time and pay very close attention to my due dates as well as all the necessary assignments.   I will actively participate in discussions and achieve as much repore with my fellow classmates as I can.   I will be forthcoming in my life’s experiences, my scholastic endeavors, as well as in all the other areas that I need to share.   I will work very hard to help my other classmates that may need me and plan to establish myself as somewhat as an icon for everyone to notice.   I will work very hard, as hard as I need to, to until I get back to the point that I was during my bachelor’s study and the date that I graduated in May of 2007 when I graduated Magna Cum Laurde, National Honor Society, and every semester making Dean’s List.

By the end of my adventure of taking graduate classes working steadily towards the big prize of an MPA in Public Administration I will continue to achieve and take strides in order to have re-achieved my place that I once was.   By the end of my graduate studies I plan to again have the at least 3.9 grade point average that I had when I finished my bachelor’s program before my life took such a sudden, unbelievable,   pivotal,   and down spiraling plunge to a place from where many never return.   During a three year period of extremely horrific, unimaginable, and extremely uneventful period of my life, my entire essence battled that horrible evil that was unbelievable life situations, incredible circumstances, and pure extreme sadness of the death of my sister, totaling my new Mustang, loosing my husband to divorce, loosing my employment, and my mental illness at the brink of calamity, I had reached a level like I had never before.   There is...