Virtues and Values

While there is a very thin line between Virtues and Values, upon asking a few of my peers what the difference was between the two, many of them answered “there is no difference. Clearly there is a difference. Most people use the words virtue and values interchangeably. There is a distinct difference between the two terms. Virtues are what are believes to be morally right. They can also be perceived as excellence and goodness.
        In healthcare, the virtues of a profession may be what are considered morally right. Values on the otherwise are acquired through life and may be seen as what is important to us. It could be our self-worth, education, family or professional standing. No two people have the same set of virtues or values, because moral issues are essentially questions of right vs. wrong. Ethical issues are more questions of proper behavior, often defined by agreed-upon standards of a company or business. For instance, something can be moral but unethical (e.g. having sex with a supervisor or co-worker). Conversely, it is theoretically possible for something to be immoral but ethical (e.g., a soldier being trained to kill and then acting upon such training).
        According to Merriam-Webster, Morals are defined as practices, lessons or teachings. And Ethics are defined as a guiding philosophy. To some, abortion should not be practiced at all and no one should even have the option to have an abortion. Others believe in that free choice to make their own decisions about their lives. There are many different reasons why an abortion is considered anyway. Some of which are really gut wrenching. Many victims of a sexual assault by stranger, and conceive a baby by this means deserve the right to an abortion.
        Many healthcare organizations have a list of values they publish along with their mission. These are characteristics that they feel that would show their belief system to the public. Values may be like virtues but they are more general and...