Vipeak Mill Machinery Professional Build Low Carbon Environmental Protection

With low carbon concept gradually thorough popular feeling, flour mill production enterprises also are working to develop low carbon products [url=]grinding mill[/url].Low carbon economy brought new opportunity to leapfrog development in our country.
For milling machinery industry in China, the rise of a low carbon economy, both show a good development opportunity, also heralds a new challenge.Milling machinery industry in the development of low carbon economy mainly focus on two aspects: one is the full implementation of the sustainable development of mining, environmental protection is to get results, the second is the advanced technology, the energy conservation and emissions reduction and recycling throughout the whole process.We have learned, at present our country is not related to low carbon quantification standard, therefore, industrial coal pulverizing, experts said white workers should establish a low-carbon industry pulverizing equipment as soon as possible inspection certification system, formulate specific data index, quantitative standard low carbon building materials, and gradually in the field of mill promotion of low carbon flour mill products and enterprise grade assessment, technical exchanges, training, testing and other work, make flour mill user rules-based when judging low carbon building materials.
To the need of national environmental protection and energy saving, tianrui machinery on the basis of the original mill by improving its current distribution loop, changing its impact components and bearing test parts to make full use of its inertia work, research and development to create a low carbon environmental flour mill.
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