The news can be depressing 100% of the time, that’s why I flip from it at 5pm. The same old sad story about the economic recession, AGI and Chris Brown’s brutal beating to Rihanna. It’s not like I don’t care. I care about what goes on in the world, but what are we as humans doing to change these things beside gossip about them. All of this same coverage is all over Facebook.   Usually when I log on, I click the x button at the top of these news feeders and bye-bye they are gone. However when I logged on this morning, something caught my eye.   There was a group called: R.I.P Greg Robinson. I looked over at the picture of Greg Robinson in his blue cap and gown. He looked like he was at least 13 years old.   My curiosity immediately began to devour me. I clicked on the link to his group and read his story.
Greg Robinson was a freshman at Simeon Career Academy (my high school). He was riding home in the car with his cousins Brittany Orange and Brandon Orange from a basketball game at Simeon during the timeframe of 10pm to 11pm. Brittany’s ten month old son Antonio Porterfield and her four year old goddaughter Sinyiia Bennett were also in the car. On their way home from the basketball game, they were ambushed by bullets fired off at the Chevy Malibu. Brandon was protecting his sister Brittany. Greg was protecting Antonio and Sinyiia. Brandon turned around to the backseat to see his cousin Greg unconscious. It was later determined that Greg was shot in the back and was pronounced dead at 11:35pm that evening. Later on his cousin, Brandon Orange said “I didn’t think it was real. Not Greg. He never said or did anything to anybody.”
No one else was deemed hurt in the vehicle. Brandon protected Brittany. Greg protected the children. But my God, who was protecting Greg? When that bullet ripped into his flesh, who was protecting him? The media deems him as a hero and I wouldn’t call it any other way. The unselfishness of this courageous boy brought tears to my eyes and it...