Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the Workplace
Melissa Sampson
July 19, 2015
Tiffany Hanshaw

Violence in the Workplace
I read an article titled “Safeguard Your Facility from Workplace Violence” which is explains how to identify and prevent violence in the workplace.   There are different types of violence in the workplace such as, verbal abuse, harassment, stalking, bullying, or threats of physical assaults (Aker, 2015). Employers should know and understand what motivates their employers. According to Eugene Ferraro, a chief ethics officer and founder of risk consulting firm Convercent Inc., “understanding the motivation of an aggressive people and their triggers is important” (Aker, 2015). There are some common triggers that causes workplace violence like layoffs, termination, bad performance evaluations, or being passed over for promotions. To prevent the violence managers should know what to look for in their employees.
In order to prevent violence at the workplace mangers need to develop a violence prevention plan. Bruce T. Blythe, a chairman at Crisis Management International explains four components to successful prevention plan. “First have a policy about violence that states what is considered unacceptable behavior. Second have a threat notification system by having real people answering phone calls. Third have a threat response team that is trained and ready to respond. Last have a treat response team manual that explains what to do when a team member first hear of a threat. There should be plans for every type of situations, ways to defuse situations, and who should be contacted if a situation arise, in the manual” (Aker, 2015).
There are different signs that managers should look for in their employees if they are suspicious of their behavior. When an employee performance starts changing, they are absent a lot, tardy, work habits change, or attitude change the manager should sit down and talk to this person. Sometimes the person will say inappropriate things,...