“My Name” By Ray Carroll

    In Spanish my name means king. In English it means a kind heart a short fuse. A person that means well but doesn’t always do what’s best. A hard worker that gets lazy, this is me. This is not the Ray most people know. The ray others see is calm and collected, very energetic and fun. I am like that most of the time but the ray people don’t see is the one that gets angry and mad and sad. I am usually not like this but I can be at times. My name means many things in many places at home it means a good kid who gets good grades. At the gym and in practice my name means a hard worker who works till he can hardly move. I mean many things, but it all depends on my mood.
    At school when in a good mood I am a energetic, and happy person but that can all change if I am put in a bad mood. There are only a few things that can put me in a bad mood one is getting a bad grade, another is getting in trouble. I get so mad and sad if I get a bad grade.
    My father’s name is also Ray Carroll. He didn’t want my name to be Ray but my birth mother did. By the time he got to the hospital she had already named me. My birth mother and my father were not married for very long. That how all of his marriages were until he met my step mom Maritza Carroll. They have been married for 6 years and together for 11.
    I don’t love or hate my name but I will keep it. The only reason I like my name is because of its history. Its not only my name but my father’s too. I hope my name will be remembered in my family.