Vietnam War: Was It Worth It?

Vietnam War: Was It Worth It?
June 17, 2010

          “Drafted to go to Vietnam to fight communism in a foreign land… in Vietnam, I was spared my life just to be stabbed with an Agent Orange knife.” Quoted from a poem by a Vietnam veteran describing the betrayal felt by many men who went to war for a country they trusted. Even though America did what she thought was the correct thing to do and its not like they can change the past, the Vietnam War was not worth the casualties, financial crippling, or any other thing that followed this horrible event because there has not been a single beneficial thing has come about because of this war.
            The Vietnam started on November 1, 1955 and lasted until April 30, 1975, the United States joined the fight in 1965 creating a disturbance that therefore caused a ripple-effect of the worst effects of the worst war in history. This great nation fought in this battle for and entirely noble purpose, to stop communism, and spread democracy across the world. At the time America was bound to the *NATO peace treaty. Basically Americans service was summoned and willingly gave it.

President Lyndon B. Johnson caused heartache for all Americans with his dishonesty.

              Entering this war created financial difficulties for America. President Lyndon B. Johnson financed the Vietnam War as well as The Great Society without a significant increase in taxes. As a result to this debt the nation suffered a runaway double-digit inflation mounting federal debt, ravaged economy, and eroded living standards from the 1960s to 1996. In short $167 billion was spent on the Vietnam War.
              As a result of the Vietnam War the political leaders and government were disbanded in the hearts of Americans because of their dishonesty and corruptions. During the war many decided that, in the best interest in this country as a whole, should...