Course Number and Title: : Effective Interpersonal Relationships
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Week Number Assignment Due: 2
Date Assignment Due: January 20, 2016
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Title of Assignment:   Video Clip 2 Subway

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Video Clip Form

Week 2: from DVD from 12:18 to 31:45


What is effective about the way Subway serves its customers?
Subway make their restaurants and procedures as globally and generally in control as that you can imagine. According to the video they say that every day, the employees do their best to conduct business in a way that no matter what. The workers are confident to protect the environment while refining the lives of their customers, franchisees, employees, vendors and people internationally. The company continues growing because they believe that using good, naturally rigorous business practices help growth on their franchisees' success, improve their clienteles dining familiarity, as well as help, care for our world. The way they plan their advertising, structure their approach to people is family oriented. The company, according to the video started with a vision, and that was many years ago, they still keep that goal to reach different cultures...