Video Game Analysis

Saw: The video game
Saw the video game is a puzzle horror game in which you take the place of detective Tapp from the movies.   In the saw movies detective Tapp spends his life trying to track down the Jigsaw killer, well in the game you start off in a Venus fly trap that will rip you jaw off in seconds. Jigsaw puts you there because you have wasted your life and ruined the lives of others you interrogated. You go through a series of traps and help the people that you hurt get out of traps that they are in. The game gets to be very hard and complicated as you move on and the traps get more complex and while being timed most of the traps you’re required to think fast and act right.   Overall I think the game is a great game, it follows the story of the movies and although most people would think, like I did, that it would not be possible to make the saw movies into a game, they did it in a perfect way.

  1) The Good Parts
      a) Kept in the movie story line and made references to it
      b) Made the traps everyone knows from the movies interactive
      c) Had good progression in difficulty
      d) Had characters from the movie in the game
      e) Had pretty good graphics
      f) Suspenseful
      g) Kept you on edge
      h) Took time to figure out some of the things and put together all the pieces to make the game complete
  2) The Downside
      i) Not for people who get annoyed with puzzles
      j) Not for people who don’t like to jump in fright at times
      k) Not for people who don’t like blood and gore
      l) The traps can get kind of repetitive in a way but are always different when all parts are complete
      m) If you didn’t see the movie you may not understand the full story and why Tapp is after Jigsaw and who Tapp hurt and how
      n) If you have bad reaction time you will do bad in the game especially on the shotgun doors
      o) The way you attack other people who have gone insane or want you dead
  3) The changes...