Video Communication Cases

Planning a Playground
The video “Planning a Playground” (University of Phoenix, 2008) brings community members together to discuss raising money to create a playground in the neighborhood. The committee is comprised of five community members, some who are new to the area and meeting for the first time. The group has a representation of diversity; three men and two women, as well as the appearance of nationality seeming to be well characterized with a Hispanic, Asian, and three Anglos. The meeting starts with pleasantries and quickly gets into the agenda. The question is asked if anyone is familiar with erecting a new playground and the amount of funds needed. Many of the group members are unaware of financial requirements needed. Iesha, an apparently educated woman, inquired on the internet regarding needed revenue for playground equipment. She explains to the group that there is a variety of equipment with varying price attachments. Iesha felt that for the targeted group of children that $35,000 was an acceptable price range. The two men had opposite reactions to her claims. One gentleman felt the committee should aim for a lower price range and the other felt a higher end with safer equipment costing more should be looked into. The group decided to stay with a mid range price and focus on the $35,000.
Once the group decided on the amount they were targeting, the question of how to raise the funds was presented. Bette, a white middle-aged new arrival is quiet but willing to help; she offers her experience to host a bake sale to raise money. The bake sales have proven lucrative for her Church fundraisers in the past. The idea is quickly brought to an end. The others felt to raise the funds needed they would have to look to outside help. A member discusses the use of foundation to acquire money. Bette quickly offers to contact an old friend who is directly connected to such a foundation. The meeting closes with one of the men joking Bette about her bake sale...