Victorian Moral Values Applied Equally to All

'Victorian moral values applied equally to all.'

1. From the title I arrive at a conclusion the Victorian moral values did not treat everyone equally, this is the first impression after reading the title if we consider the phrase 'equally to all' .
All of us know that the women in Victorian Britain period and today's is symbol of loveliness, tenderness,exquisiteness as well mother but in different manner in view of the fact that women are treating otherwise years ago the superiority has a men they are byword of power and majesty .The beliefs gave women a central,passive   role   they were under male domination and home restriction and she does so much for the comfort of other regardless of that is unhappy .According to her husband woman's place is in the house and she could not see the world beyond. Women and men should be equality in marriage. In other words she is accepting only as housewife and her career is   marriage it was known from early childhood. Victorian period expected from female to be slender and helplessness but deeply in soul the woman keep forcefulness unsuspecting and that know all of you woman .In   public sphere shall not place for women the men are accept as a community leader but within the household men and women had their separate spheres about   the Victorian virtues were directed to the home and   family .They were not admitted to the entity with that they would have their own valuables. But social equality is necessity for freedom progress of the female as well should give allow to develop as independently ,own responsibility if she   gave education of their children. The role of women housewife consider as fundamental parts of the society but order to have equality in the relationship she   must be free and respected. Women were seen as unequal to men in so many ways why than should not take part in the public sphere. Against to the settings of the period the society indeed should to regard the women and her position   in the society for...