Victoria's Secret

Can you keep a secret?
Can you keep a secret?

We have seen many American Brands come across the pond to try and conquer the UK (think Hollister, J Crew and Banana Republic) so it was no surprise that at the Victoria’s Secret recent Fashion Show in London an impact had to be made, and that it did. After all, they have Angels for models…
Steering away from its native of New York, The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, that of which is approaching the end of its second decade, hit London bringing some of the most famous models and global superstars along for the ride.
Earl’s Court quickly filled with 3,000 in attendance at the event with around 500 million watching globally; a fact that Ed Racek, the brand’s senior creative officer, reminded guests as they took their seats for the show.
The introduction of the show captured the spirit of London, with Winston Churchill, Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge making an appearance alongside the names of the Angels. It really gave a sense of national pride and certainly succeeded in making a lot of Brit’s proud of their heritage.
The show began with a sea of jet black, only to be lit up by the runway featuring LED lights; the perfect definition to the term ‘son et lumiere’. A quick switch to a camera backstage showed the models looking anxious which only added to the thrill of the show; almost giving assurance to yourself that you were about to witness something spectacular.
Behati Prinsloo opened the ‘Gilded Angels’ segment to the show; the first of six. Clad head to toe in gold with the ultimate staple uniform of Angel wings, Behati strutted along the catwalk confidently with Karlie Kloss shortly following her. Karlie showcased 18karat gold wings on her back, the most expensive piece ever made by haute couture designer Serkan for Victoria’s Secret (wow).
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Exotic Traveller, featuring Ed Sheeren” the announcer read out loud with the singer making his debut at the 19th...