Victoria Road Toll Speech.

At any given moment around Victoria, a fatal car crash will occur. It may not be someone you know, or someone you have heard of. Could you deal with losing a sister, a parent, even a friend?
The hoon legalisation should be tougher and harsher laws should be implemented to ensure the road tolls in Victoria reduce!
I can’t stress enough, how painful and helpless you feel when you hear the news that your mates were involved in a lethal car accident.  

The Hampton Park car crash which took the lives of three local teens last year effected families, friends, workers, and witnesses. Joel Brimble, 19, and Riyani Lowen, 16, both of Narre Warren South, and Anja Miler, 15, of Hampton Park, died after the Holden Commodore they were in collided with a Holden Statesman at about 1.20am at the junction of Hallam and Ormond roads. A Frankston man also died and five others were injured. The indications by police officers at the scene displayed the actions of hooning being involved. Not only did this affect me tremendously, but it affected my sister to the extent I would find myself holding her until till she stopped crying... It was heartbreaking to watch.   Imagine if this was you and your family? Could you go through the pain? Or would you try and stop these idiotic dangerous drivers on our roads?

According to the TAC, Victorians road toll has highly risen to a significant number of 307 individual deaths last year. This toll is up 7 percent from previous years.   Although the road toll to this current date has decreased by 1% I believe the hoon legislation needs harsher penalties to ensure a father doesn’t have to bury his child, or a friend doesn’t’ have to lose his best mate.
Could you imagine life without your parents or your best mate?

Under the new legislation, police can impound vehicles if the driver is detected committing any of the following offences:
  * participation in a race or speed trial
  * dangerous driving committed in circumstances...