Multi-Protocol On-board Ethernet Print Server and Wireless Ethernet Print Server


This Network User's Guide provides useful information of wired and wireless network settings and security settings using your Brother machine. You can also find supported protocol information and detailed troubleshooting tips. To find basic information about network and advanced network features of your Brother machine, see the Network Glossary. To download the latest manual, please visit the Brother Solutions Center at ( You can also download the latest drivers and utilities for your machine, read FAQs and troubleshooting tips or learn about special printing solutions from the Brother Solutions Center.

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Definitions of notes
We use the following icons throughout this User’’s Guide: IMPORTANT indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in damage to property or loss of product functionality. Notes tell you how you should respond to a situation that may arise or give tips about how the operation works with other features.

This product is approved for use in the country of purchase only. Do not use this product outside the country of purchase as it may violate the wireless telecommunication and power regulations of that country. Windows® XP in this document represents Windows® XP Professional, Windows® XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows® XP Home Edition. Windows Server® 2003 in this document represents Windows Server® 2003 and Windows Server® 2003 x64 Edition. Windows Server® 2008 in this document represents Windows Server® 2008 and Windows Server® 2008 R2. Windows Vista® in this document represents all editions of Windows Vista®. Windows® 7 in this document represents all editions of Windows® 7. Not all models are available in all countries.


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