Verbatim Dialogue Transcript

Verbatim Dialogue Transcript


October 4, 2010

Client: Good afternoon, Mr. Howard.

Interviewer: I wanted to cover a few things during our meeting regarding time constraints and our confidentiality agreement. Um, uh our meetings will last about fifty minutes in length. With me today I have a confidentiality agreement that we need to discuss and um uh you will need to sign before the end of our meeting today.

Brief silence....

Client: Mr. Howard can we talk about the confidentiality agreement I am not sure I know what you are talking about.

Interviewer: Absolutely, generally I like to inform my clients that confidentiality remains sealed between the client and myself unless I feel that the client presents immediate danger to his or herself, me, the general public and children. This is to protect the client and everyone involved. Let me know if I need to be more specific, if not we can move forward with our interview.

Client: No thanks, I understand the confidentiality agreement and I have not a problem signing the documents.

Interviewer: Please feel comfortable, if you need anything to drink, we have refreshments behind the couch, feel free to help yourself. Well uh, um, I would like to start by learning some information about the reason you decided to visit with me this afternoon?

Client: Uh, I, I have been having some difficulties lately. See uh, about seven years ago, um I got into some trouble with the laws and now these past troubles are causing problems in my hunt for a job.

Interviewer: So, if I understand correctly, you ran into some trouble with the laws about seven years ago and now it is causing you problems locating a job?

Client: Yeah, that's right.

Interviewer: What type of trouble did you run into exactly?

Client: Well see, it is a long story and kind of embarrassing, but um about seven years ago I received some stolen merchandise from a friend and uh, I got caught with the merchandise, so I...