Vca Sia

Value chain and functional analysis

3.1. SIA infrastructure
General management, finance and assets create the firm structure. The SIA is providing the excellent service. SIA infrastructure support it is strong financial team. The strong financial system not only build its core competency yet improved n effective cost management. Their team help SIA take the advantage of economic scale from their supplier in the recession period. Futheremore, SIA is operating independent even it was a Singapore government link company.

3.2. Human resource management (HRM)
HRM is an essential part of corporate strategy, especially in the service industry HRM can be seen as significant part of marketing strategies as well (Bearwell, Holden and Claydon, 2004). By considering the recruitment, training and development, HRM can contribute to the effectively of company (Wheleen and Hunger, 2010).
3.2.1. Recruitment
Over the 16,0000 application each year only 500-600 are able to become ‘Singapore girl’ to cover attribution rate of around 10%. The entry qualification was at least polytechnic diploma and the applicant must process in 3 rounds interview as ‘uniform test’, ‘water confidence test’ and psychometric test. When they get employed still need to get thru 6-month probation to be a confirm cabin crew staff.
months, through a monthly report by the in-flight supervisor. At the end of the probationary period, 75% get confirmed, around 20% get an extension of probation, and 5% leave.
3.2.2. Training and development
The cabin crew must at least go through 15 weeks in house training. The training including the personal interaction, poise, safety training and etc in order to deal with the very demanding passenger. Furthermore, all the SIA staff’s performance are managing by performance service index. This was being measured by taking by 1800 customer feedback.

3.3. Technology development
SIA has developed its airport lounges around the world which provide luxury service with...