Vark Questionnaire

The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?
Elva Missial
NRS 429-VN 0503
June 3, 2016
Professor Leslie Minjarez/ Kym Ali

The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?
VARK refers to the different learning styles a person identifies with and learns about through taking the questionnaire. Different students will have different learning styles which assist them with obtaining the necessary information. After taking the VARK questionnaire, the results showed more of a connection to a kinesthetic learner with a strong leaning towards visual and audio learning. Understanding learning styles will assist in developing effective learning strategies which will improve learning abilities. The VARK questionnaire is a valuable tool, for assisting the learner, in understanding their preferred learning style, and allows the teacher to be able to adapt and improve their way of conveying information. A personal questionnaire will be assessed in order to help discus the purpose of a VARK questionnaire.
Kinesthetic (K) is the preferred learning style with a preference for hands on learning. The kinesthetic learning style involves developing experience and knowledge in the area of learning (Gilakjani, 2012). Instead of listening to a lecture or observing someone else demonstrating the material, the kinesthetic learner prefers doing the learning activity in order to gain the knowledge. They prefer using their hands and body in order to focus and learn. This makes sense because retaining information was found easier when allowed to be able to physically engage in the learning process. When sitting still listening to a lecture, there were issues with focusing and learning the material.
The other potential learning styles are audio, visual, and read/write. The test determined scores second highest on audio and visual with the lowest being the read/write learning style. Visual learners must see the learning material in order to learn the material. Visual representations...