Vapor Recovery Units Market Volume Forecast and Value Chain Analysis 2015-2025 by Future Market Insights

The vapor recovery units captures the light hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) that generally escape, and stores these environmental hazardous substances in a space between the liquid and fixed roof of the storage tanks. The complete operation of vapor recovery units is controlled through a PLC using a smart pressure transmitter as the main control device. The main operational components of vapor recovery units consists of a transfer pump, control pilot, suction scrubber, rotary compressor and bypass valves along with a gas sales meter. The global market for vapor recovery units has become more diversified in the recent years. New developments and expansions in the emission regulations has created the need for more complex, larger and specialized units. The global vapor recovery units market is anticipated to witness a significant growth in the coming years as they can yield generous results when there are market outlets for recovered gas.

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Vapor Recovery Units: Drivers & Restraints
The vapor recovery units provides substantial ecological and economic benefits for oil and gas producers. The gases that are flashed from the crude oil are captured by the vapor recovery units and are sold at a profit. These gases can also be utilized in facility operations. These factors are driving the market for global vapor recovery units. Furthermore, these recovered vapors are also used as a fuel for onsite processes and can be piped to natural gas gathering pipes for sale at an exceptional price as high as Btu natural gas.   Moreover, the vapor recovery units not only decrease the VOC emissions by more than 95%, but also makes it harmless for field and operations workers to work in top of the tanks without getting exposed to H2S or any other explosions. These factors further help to drive the vapor recovery market globally. The major restraint in the global vapor...