The work of a collection agent job is never done. There is no finalizing to the job. The debate of the world is endless. The attach of the people wanting their money from individual who refuse to pay is a trend that never ends, in this paper one will discuss the values as they reflect the organizational plans.
The work environment for a collector is stressful, but needful. Collect money that is owe to a company but taken from someone else can be justified in several ways. One way is that they money is owed to someone, but just because the person make the debate does not mean they can always afford to pay. Things are always changing and losing a good job would cause someone debate that they once were able to pay. The need for a collector to feel sincerer toward this is natural. The one thing that keep you motivated about collect is that fact the if you don; collect money then you are not paid. This is a commission-based job. The sincerer factor goes out the window when it comes to that end of the bargain.
The values of a collection agent are to meet the need of what the company asks for. Steps that follow are categorized so that each person meet that need. If an individual is not performing, then being replaced with someone who can follow the step will occur. These make a behavior change in a person working as a collection agent to collect money. The drive is there to reach the goal and maintain your job. So making sure that every chance you get you follow through on what is asked of you. The action just make you want to do your job better, the fact of knowing that something good will happen in return.
The alignment is an actual arrangement between doing the right thing verses doing the wrong thing. Sacrifices have to be made. Collector’s feelings are set aside until they are away; the actual plan is how the collector really is aside from the work place. The way of raising awareness towards the organization and the conflict with...