Value Speech
“In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.” – Janos Arnay. Hello, I’m “name here”and I going to be talking to you about the importance of love. Love is valuable. I’m going to be telling you why love is valuable, solutions to having love in our lives, and what the world would be like if we have love, or if we do not.
To begin with, love is the most important aspect of life. Without love, one cannot lead a happy life. According to Merriam Webster, love is defined as strong affection for another deriving out of kinship or personal ties. This simply means that love is a strong emotion that everyone can feel. We love our families, friends, and everything that makes up the lives that we lead. Love is known and valued everywhere around the world. Love creates happiness in oneself, which spreads to others when love takes form in friendships and families. Love is valuable because it leads to happiness, which leads to all of the good things in our lives. Love is valuable because it allows us to grow closer to others, and form deep bonds with the people who have great impacts on our lives.
There are solutions to love more, and hate less. For example, as a part of your daily routine, tell the people that are the closet to you that you love them. This will bring you closer to the people that care about, and is a kind gesture that expresses the value of love. Another example is to show love to the people that you might not be as close to, such as a classmate at school, or even a stranger. This can be done by simple deeds such as opening a door for someone, or just giving a smile. These gestures communicate universal love for our neighbors, which is truly valuable.
If there were no love in the world, morals and values would decline because no one would care about anything, or anyone. Imagine a world where there was only love and no hate. A positive change would be that there was less animosity towards each other, which would change the whole way of...