Values Essay

In this essay I will explain how social care values and principles influence

practice. I will then go on to examine these issues in relation to anti-

discriminatory practice. A value is something that is important to us and

something that has a sense of worth. These can be influenced by primary

socialisation, our parents passing on their values to us, or secondary socialisation

which would be values learnt from peers or teachers. Amongst the many values I

live my life by are respecting others, dignity and being trustworthy. Having these

values in a social care context means that I always respect services users and

respect the decisions they make whether I agree with it or not. I offer them

support and show I can be trusted by being empathetic and respecting their

dignity and allowing them to live an independent life.

Three core values that influence practice are confidentiality, choice and being non

judgemental. Whether you work with older adults or children you should always

approach your line of work professionally but having these core values will

ensure the service users trust in you and also ensure you do your job correctly.

Confidentiality influences practice because all information must be kept in a safe

and secure place and free from misuse. Service users have the right to keep all

their information private and if they feel this is not being done then they may lack

trust in the service providers and it may affect them in many ways. As well as

confidentiality, service users have the right to choice. They have the right to make

informed decisions on their own and this must be respected by the service

providers. If choices are made for the service user, they may not appreciate this

so by respecting choices made by service users we are giving them the chance to

be independent and making them feel they are in charge of their life which of

course they are but we are also giving them that...