Values and Ethics

Foundations of Career Success
Maggie Barth, Nicole Lauver, Keila Maldonado, Lakendra Moore
July 28th 2011
Kristin   Doolin

Can a person be successful using morals and values?   For a person to be successful they should start at the bottom of the pyramid. Values and ethics are the foundation of a successful future in the professional field. Using cultural, social, and organizational values the person can start the climb.   Being successful takes these certain abilities to overcome defeat. This is because not every culture and society is alike.   Now, let’s begin with cultural morals.
Cultural morals are a key point for a successful future.   What are cultural morals?   When referring to cultural morals people refer to what a community defines as acceptable or unacceptable.   Also refers to the values and ethics of a community.   Value is a personal belief use to make judgments to identify what is good and what is bad.   Ethics is how people respond to these judgments; it is the behavior of conduct.   Cultural morals varies by ethnic groups, in the professional and educational career you will meet different people with different backgrounds but to succeed in the person’s life need to know how to identify different cultures and how to react to them in different situations.   Some jobs offer multicultural seminars to their management and human resources department to help them understand different behaviors.   Something as simple as a hand shake can be misinterpreted in depending of your culture.   Even people from the same culture have different behaviors and can affect social morals.
Strong social morals start with a clear, consistent code of conduct that follows you not only in your workplace but through home and school life. You can think of it as a set of laws or principals set by...