Value Neutral

Counselors Remaining Value-Neutral
Frances V. Lozano
Grand Canyon University
PCN 505
October 21, 2014

Counselors remaining value-neutral
A professional counselor puts the client needs before their personal values even if it means not agreeing with the client values.   You need to consider everything involved if you want to become a professional counselor.   Just because you are in a profession that helps people but if you can’t but your own valves and beliefs a side to help the client, just maybe you need to find another profession or reconsider what is more important to you is helping people or helping yourself.   Putting the client’s needs first does not mean that you have to change your values or beliefs to suit the client it means that we don’t impose are values and belief onto the client.   Times are changing and there is a lot of people struggling with mental health problems that are of different cultural and we need to be that professional counselor to be able to counsel those client’s without being biases and not to do harm to the client.
According to Shallcross, a student refuses to counsel a client that was homosexual because of her beliefs.   She was dismissed from the program because she did not follow the ACA Code of Ethics that stated “counselors may not discriminate against clients on the basis of age, culture, disability, ethnicity, race, religion/spirituality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status/partnership, language preference, socioeconomic status or any basis proscribed by law”. (Shallcross, L 2010)   She did not have to change her beliefs but” as a counselor she was required to respect the dignity and promote the welfare of the client while putting her own values aside.” (Shallcross, L 2010)  
Being a professional counselor in the 20th century imposes many challenges with all the diversity in American today we have to be culturally competent to better serve the minority communities we serve. (Ahmed et al., 2011)...