Value and Ethics

Ethics and Value paper

The definition of values defined by is “beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment; (either for or against something). An example is “that person has very conservative values”.
The definition of ethics defined by is a theory or a system of moral values. An example is “an ethic of services is at war with a craving for gain.”
Professional values and ethics could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Over the course of this paper we, as a group, will explain what professional values and ethics mean to us. We all come different backgrounds, training, and experiences but the one thing we all agreed on professional values and ethics simply comes down to one thing, doing the right thing no matter what. A concept that seems so simple on the surface but is extremely complex.
One source of professional values and ethics is in the retail environment. In the retail industry an owner or manager places the business as a value. For a business to succeed, the business must have values. Those rules are the values a manager places on the employees. For example of some values that some managers have are punctuality, cleanliness, and accuracy. An employee who always arrives late doesn’t hold his employment with much value. A retail store should always be clean and organized. What kind of impression would you have if you walk into a furniture store and see dust all over the sofa’s and coffee tables?   Accuracy on the order form or change from the cash register is crucial for the bookkeeping of a business.
Ethics in business is about what is right and wrong. If an employee does something to cause harm to another for their personal benefit, I believe that is not ethical. That could be a salesperson lying to a customer or an employee always giving excuses for things he forgot to do.
An additional source of professional values would be identified in the field of public law...