Value and Ethics Paper

Professional Value and Ethics
May21, 2010
Sally Benazzouz

Professional Value and Ethics
There are several methods for an organization or for an individual to measure the level of achievement and contribution they have accomplished. Key components include professional values, ethics and career success. In order to achieve true and honest career success, an individual must exercise professional values. This means they perform their assigned duties in a manner that promotes success to the overall company mission and strives to improve the complete experience for all employees and consumers alike.
Values are the rules by which one makes decisions on what is right and wrong, should and should not do, or what is good and bad. Values are rules that one sets to distinguish things that are right and wrong. Values also help individuals determine what projects are more important than others. defines values as “A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable: The speech was a summons back to the patrician values of restraint and responsibility" (Jonathan Alter)” (, LLC., 2010).
There are several forms of ethics professional ethics, medical ethics among others. Ethics are moral values individuals live by. Professional ethics can be described as a set of rules or codes a group of individuals live by in a professional setting such as the office or at the work place. Accusing a person of being unethical is actually calling that individual unprofessional and is considered as an insult. defines ethics as: “the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.: medical ethics; Christian ethics. (, LLC., 2010).
Professional values, without strong work and personal ethics are nothing more than a blatant lie to everyone, including that individual not practicing them.   Ethics are the true and faithful practice of doing what’s right no...