Value Alignment

Value Alignment
Jamie Davis, Dawn Eichen, Patricia Slater, Samantha Wheatfall, Shoja Zaiden
BUS/475 Integrated Business Topics
August 26, 2013
Mark Guberman

Value Alignment
Values are different among individuals and organizations and they drive different actions and behaviors between both.   Team C has analyzed their personal values and the organization of JCPenney to see how they align and what connections they have on influencing their actions and behaviors.   Team C has reached a consensus on the real-world business and show the alignment and differences between the team values and those of JCPenney.
Individual Origins

Individual Values Driving Actions and Behavior
Individual values drive actions and behaviors by the strong beliefs a person possesses about certain circumstances and conditions in life.   Values represent something of a significant importance.   Values become apart of a persons life so naturally it’s customary and second nature to react and behave in certain ways.   They help to mold and direct they way a person behaves toward others, help to overcome obstacles and make better decisions.   On the flip side, values can instill unacceptable behaviors that can be harmful to a person including others.   This effects a person’s interactions and ability to act accordingly in society.  
The alignment between values, actions, and behaviors should definitely compliment one another.   In some cases a person’s actions and behaviors compromise what they actually value.   In times like this, it is always best to consider good judgment and consider the standards that drive our everyday lives.   It is expected for a person to encounter demanding situations but at the same time they are presumed to conduct themselves in a way that is justifiable and satisfactory.                
JCPenney Information
JCPenney opened their first location in 1902 and throughout the years have become nationwide company offering clothing and household items.   Today they have...