Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler

by Philipp Von Boeselager

Alfred A. Knoff


This novel is about one of the many attempts to assassinate/kill Hitler the chancellor of Germany during World War II. It starts off with the last survivor of the plot. His name is Philipp Von Boeselager. He begins talking about his family life and childhood growing up with his brother and their combat training they received at a young age. He then talks his life in school and his teachers influence on hm. He talks about his teacher who was a priest when he was in school. He then talks about his journey becoming a cavalryman in the German army along with his brother who later dies fighting on the Russian front.   Later Philipp and his brother along with some of the friends witness the atrocities Germany is committing and decide to do something about it. They make their decisions and decide that Hitler must die no matter what the cost.

One of the main ideas discussed in this book are the ideas of the Nazi and Christianity. Through the first few chapters of the book Philipp contemplates whether the Nazi ideology is believable or not. His teacher in school tells his students that their ideology is false. One day he and his brother Goerg were detained by two German officials and locked in a garage. They were later freed when the chancellor left. This experience influenced them later on in life in many ways. He later begins to disagree with their ideas. Another idea discussed is the power of determination and perseverance in the face of overwhelming danger.   In the book Philipp and his gang of cohorts start OPERATION VALKYRIE.   They have the operation planned out. Throughout the plan, the course changes constantly because people around them are dying.   So the conspirators decide it’s now or never. They first few attempts, such as bombing the plane Hitler was in failed. However, they decide they are going to bomb the safe house and headquarters where Hitler was staying....

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