Valedictory Address

Good afternoon parents, teachers, administrators, friends, family, and most importantly seniors. My name is Davis Normand, and I am the Valedictorian for the class of 2012. We are gathered here today to witness a great stage in our lives come to a conclusion. These seniors, seated here today, are ready to take the final step in their high school careers and graduate.
I remember my first day at East Ascension High; the anxious feeling of the first day of school multiplied by one hundred. I was terrified; I had never met most of these people and now I was going to be thrown into a room with them. Luckily for us, we had the House of Sparta, a special introductory experience for high school. In it, we were shielded from the tough upperclassmen and had nothing to worry about, except for our grades.
As the years passed, things got easier and more and more acquaintances became friends. From Homecoming, to Gator Day, Sadie Hawkins, Prom, and many other events we became closer and closer friends. Eventually, culminating in the tight knit group that are gathered here today. One of my favorite events was Ring Day, the day we receive our senior class rings.
At our school, Ring Day is a huge deal. We spend all year preparing our rings and paying for them. Then, on that wonderful day in mid-March, we prepare to receive our rings and be officially noticed as seniors. The week before is spent preparing, from making shirts to picking out an outfit. The day of, we all wear our hand-made, Ring Day shirts to school and parade around in them. As the school day comes ever closer to an end, we begin to feel anxious. We get in our cars and ride home to prepare for the forthcoming night.
My own personal Ring Day experience was unlike most others. I had not spent much time preparing at all. I even waited until the night before to make my shirt, and my outfit was hardly ready. I made plans to eat crawfish with my sister, as it was the beginning of the crawfish season, which was, in...