Utopia and Dystopia


This essay will outline the ideas and values connecting to both
Utopia and Distopia in the four novels Utopia, The brave New World,
451 and 1984.

Utopia is supposed to be an ideal perfect place especially its moral,
social and political aspects whereas a Dystopian society is opposite
it represents a world with great oppression especially towards women.
Its not an ideal world nor is it a carefree world as a utopian society is.

In Utopia they live in a perfectly ordered society, luxury and ostentation
do not exist, everyone can live a high moral code no one has more
individual status over another.In Utopia family is important and considered
the high social unit. Utopia is a communist society and is one for the
following reasons, money and competitive capitalism have such a negative
influence on society and   then becomes very focused on those aspects
by making it   communist. Everyone is equal and society is not run by
those negative influences. It has had an influence on both Russia and China
for both countries became communist and adopted alot of the influences
and concepts that were Utopian.

There can be both good sides of a Utopian society and a bad sides. The Brave
New World by Aldous Huxleys is a example of a bad Utopian society. It is
both a novel and science-fiction. It is an ordered society but in some ways
also at times is depicted as an oppressed one. They completely disgard
being natural or being human, instead they breed individuals in a way that
they will fit into the natural order of the Utopian society and accept the ways
of that society. Babies are genetically engineered, they are human embryos which
grow in bottles, chemicals are added and the bottles are spun to try and prepare
embryos for levels of strength, intelligence, and aptitude towards the jobs that
they are issued. They are then decanted from the bottles, they are not born in
a natural manner instead   monogamy, family and marriage do not...