Using Narrative Devices, Tell a Story About Yourself Which Has Shaped You Into the Person You Are Today

Coming from a humbled background and a sheltered childhood, confidence was never apparent in my being. However going to a mixed secondary school, floating with banter and rumours, the fact I lacked confidence made me an easy target as I wasn’t sure how to defend myself.
I was suggested a part time performing arts school by a then close family friend. Ecstatic as I was, it took me weeks to persuade my mom to pay a fortune to let me attend. My ultimate aim – reveal the real ‘confident’ me, the one I’ve been hiding due to my shyness. My audition came around fast, February 2012…woke up thirty minutes before the audition bearing in mind it takes forty five to power walk there (how eager they must of thought of me). Great. Running lte. Bag full of props. Ice-cold English weather, early in the morning. No time for a coat, or even breakfast. I arrive, late, obviously and look like a devoured carcass. Walking in late was extremely embarrassing, torture even!
I felt like a nervous wreck, I probably looked like one too. They all knew each other, all posh middle class, rich and well dressed. Snobs in my opinion. I could tell from the first eight seconds that I was going to hate it and have trouble fitting in. The audition consisted of singing and vocal techniques… My first professional experience. All eyes on me, it is an audition after all. Can I sing? Dance routines which I couldn’t seem to pick up fast enough or remember at all. I made myself look like such a fool, just shows how a bad morning makes a bad day. What a bad audition I’m making, and all of the posh snobs were giggling at me. Drama school was supposed to build up my confidence, not knock down my self-esteem. I can’t drop out either, not after I made my mom pay donkeys for this experience. More. Acting scenes, learning complex lines and becoming insane characters. This is my first ever drama experience and I felt like an outcast within these professionals.
Ten hours of torture. I managed to endure but stay...