Using Information, Communication and Technology (Ict) in Childcare Studies.

Unit 1- Using information, communication and technology (ICT) in Childcare studies.

Applying ICT Principles, tools and strategies to personal study

Task 1
During this course I will use email and my TMAs to communicate with my tutor enabling us both to keep track of my progress.   This can help to let her know if I am struggling or finding a particular unit a little difficult.   I will use all written feedback from my tutor and use it all as positive criticism , this will be important as I need to be able to trust that my tutor has my best interests in mind.   Building a strong trusting relationship with my tutor is key to success in my TMAs and enabling me to achieve the best from each piece of work.   I can do this by using the feedback from previous TMAs.

By using ICT skills in my studies I believe it will help me understand the meaning of childcare studies better, I will use the internet to research many case studies that have taken place within childcare settings, which I can use to reference my TMA’s. Using the internet is important within a distance learning environment as this is your only way of looking at your assignments; it’s a way of communicating with your tutor and a way of researching ideas for your TMA’s.   I will also be able to use the internet to look up different aspects of the course and to help me understand the different areas of childcare more inventively. By using ICT skills I will be able to log evidence on to my computer, I will be able to create an E-portfolio.   I can keep evidence and the tasks that I complete in my E-portfolio as a reference for when I am looking back over my work.   I will save all my task work within this so I can use them as resources for my TMA’s. E-portfolio is used to store all work done on this childcare studies course it is a place that I can use as reference for information that I may have found and want to keep as I feel it will help with my studies.   This is used to help keep a track on continual...