User Interface Design

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
This proposal is about re-designing an existing user interface. As a group we decided to focus the project on re-designing of ATM (Automated Teller Machine).
Details of the application  
Bank Machine has remained the premier supplier in the market ensuring customer service remains top priority. The key challenge in designing ATM is for client to balance the technical requirements for flexibility and reliability with the commercial need to provide a compelling and visually rich user interface.
The group will be re-designing existing ATM which we think is not user friendly for many reasons.
Many information technology interfaces are poorly designed. Many people are not able to use interfaces effectively due to poor design. Good interface design is important for reducing costs, errors, additional training, and employee turnover; and increasing user satisfaction, productivity, and quality products and services.
Explanation of why our design will be useful  
Our focusing particularly will on the usability problems and other design problems of ATM and what our design is intended to resolve.
Some of the problems that we identified are:
  The text displayed on the screen and the arrows on each side   don't line up
      Slow processing of service
      Frustrating experience as people frequently reinsert cards   to conduct multiple transactions
      Screen colour which is difficult to see in sunlight
    Our re-design is intended to solve current problems and:
  Interface must be accessible by elderly, young, and disabled     bank customers.
      interfaces need to be quickly accessible and effective
      The interface must allow for quick and effective interaction.
      Simple menu systems that are designed to allow quick and easy     learning.
      Text sizes are medium to make the interface more readable.
      System interface user friendly
    An Identification of Typical Users Who...