Use of Team Charter to Improve Performance

How I Will Use Team charter to Improve Performance

Fatorma Bolley

August 13, 2009

Mgt 521   - Management

Professor: Dr. Homer Jamasbi

University of Phoenix at Philadelphia

How I Will Use Team charter to Improve Performance

    The team charter serves many important purposes. The team charter is a brief document used to define the mission and objectives of a team. It is a clarifying and gaining consensus on roles and responsibilities of a product team.1 Paramount among those are that it serves as guidance and road map leading to team members improved productivity and the likely hood of a successful team outcome. To accomplish these goals, the team charter as a document, sets team’s goals and direction, provides for agreement among team members and clarity. It further ensures structured palling, role identifications, outlines boundaries and scope, sets resources, etc., in a pattern that team members quickly grasp and apply to functions.

How Team Charter Improves Group Performance
    A team without a charter will look like loose cannon. It will not have the mechanism for the group members to bound together and work as a team. They may be able to identify one bound, probably, such as the job to be performed. They may lack structure and collaboration how to achieve the best outcome.

    Team charter helps eliminate lots of phobia among team members about team outcome. If a group performs without a team charter, the group may suffer few set backs such as, untimely result, unsuccessful outcomes, etc. This is mostly true about teams without team charter. Other contributing factors that may lead to failures are the lack of leadership, and guidance to get the best out of its efforts.   Even though teams without team charter sometimes succeed, but their level is success do not match those with a team charter. Teams with charters will likely take premier places in ranks of successful teams.

    A learning team charter helps team...