Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication


Unit Title: Use and develop systems that promote communication

Unit sector reference: SHC 51
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Answer the following questions, give examples where possible.
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1.1 Give examples of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. | An essential skill for a health care professional is to be able to communicate effectively. It is imperative as a manager that you can understand and pass on vital information such as company policy and procedures and instructions to care staff and partnership agencies. Argyle’s communication cycle clarifies the six stages of information sharing. See figure 1For communication to be successful the cycle of communication involves 6 keys stages according to Argyles findings. Firstly there has to be an aim or idea to occur, the message is then coded and the message is sent and the message is received, the message is then decoded by the recipient and the message is analysed and change or action is then implemented.As the company trainer I am responsible for communicating all the training requirements for care staff which includes Common Induction Standards training and annual refresher training. I have to ensure that the training I deliver is compliant with current legislation and Care Quality commission standards. Depending on specific needs of service users I can be required to teach additional training such as oxygen training and nebulisers or peg feeding. Predominately the training I deliver is to small groups of carers in a classroom environment. I need to take into consideration their varying levels of experience and how I am going to communicate the information to my learners. In these sessions I delivery training with lots of communication styles by power point so learners can learn visually, I demonstrate tasks and let learner practice their skills and in group discussions. It is vital as a trainer to listen...